The Green Schools Project

A woman throws away 400 to 550 grams of sanitary towels/pads and applicators per month. In one academic year, a female student will dispose of 4.2kgs of pads. Now project this figure to 800 girls in one institution; that's 3,360kg of sanitary waste each year. Ever wondered where this ends up?

The Green Schools Project is a GSAEP initiative in partnership with Varet Products, an eco-solutions company. Together, we provide simple, affordable green solutions for waste management and hygiene to learning institutions.

We facilitate and encourage activities that offer environmental projects for students to complete inside and outside the institutions, offering guidance on resources which advocate re-duce, re-use, re-cycle and information facts about pollution and its effects on the environment.

Varet Products is a pioneer in eco-solutions and environmental managing and has in its stable innovative products such as low cost waste incinerators. A majority of the institutions under the Green Schools Project have gone ahead to construct waste incinerators and also adopt an active waste segregation program driven solely by the students’ enthusiasm.