Feasibility Studies

Global Sanitation Environmental Project Personnel have separately been extensively involved in consultancy work in the following areas:

  • Sanitation Needs Assessment
  • Technical support to communities to develop  Sanitation and environmental  Projects
  • Baseline Data collection and analysis in sanitation and environment
  • Pre-feasibility and project  viability studies
  • Project identification, Justification and development
  • Project Social-Economic Analysis
  • Sanitation and environment Needs Assessment Studies
  • Quality and Quantity Analysis, including Assessment of  Sanitation demand
  • Sanitation and Environmental  Project system design
  • Water Treatment and Pollution control
  • Solid Waste Collection, Disposal Rural  and urban Sanitation
  • Preparation of Project Sanitation Schemes
  • Natural Sewage Disposal Methods
  • Quality Control in  Sanitation and Environmental  Projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental management.

As noted above, we make use of a combination of participatory methods to identify various community project benchmarks.  These methodologies not only contribute to the process of information exchange and dissemination, but also to the goal of developing a shared agenda in local capacity building.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods of social investigation have enable us to obtain reliable data on issues such as community willingness and option for improved  Sanitation facilities, willingness to pay for improved services, level of affordability among various communities and their  attitudes to parameters such as quality and taste.