HIV/AIDS is not only a health challenge but a critical problem undermining community development gains made over the last ten (10) years. Women and young girls are especially at high risk given their vulnerable-ness in the community due various social cultural considerations. AIDS affects young, economically productive people and it impacts on financial capital by increasing national and household health expenditure. HIV/AIDS results in the early death of family breadwinners and loss of human capital including key decision makers in politics and business.

Children and the elderly are forced to carry heavy burden when parents and/or relatives die. Global Sanitation Environmental Project works with local communities and their project management committees to disseminate information on ideal sanitation behaviour through pamphlets and discussions among others.

We also link communities with the local health service providers and the Ministry of Health Offices at the district level where they collect materials such as pamphlets, brochures and posters on HIV/AIDS and distribute them on a wider scale.